Finding Affordable Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Having a mental health issue is the same thing as having any other health problem. Some can be prevented, others can go away on their own with home treatment and some require medical help. Millions of Americans suffer from a mental health crisis, yet only a third of these people receive treatment. People either do not have good mental health insurance or do not want the embarrassment of seeking treatment and having a disorder or incident on their medical records.

About Mental Health Insurance Coverage

You want to be covered for therapist’s visits and typically a health insurance will cover 20 to 30 sessions. The cost will vary depending on your cost per session and your insurance will pay 20 to 50 percent of the bill. You will also be happy to know the matters you discuss with your therapist are confidential. Most insurance companies will cover your needs for anxiety, depression, and stress, but do not look for automatic coverage on weight loss or aromatherapy. You also want to know if you have a co-payment for physician visits and medications.

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